Get to know the Elders at First Christian

On Sunday, December 12, we’ll hold a brief annual meeting in each service and have the chance to affirm our elders going into 2023. You can learn more about the four men being set apart as elders here. And if there are concerns or issues you have regarding any of these men, please send an email to chairman@firstchristiancb.org to start that conversation.

Role of the Elders

We follow the New Testament as the primary model and guide for leadership in the church. As the Apostle Paul was establishing the early churches, it was his practice to appoint from among the members of that church a plurality of men who met certain qualifications to serve in the office of the eldership. Both the apostle Paul and the apostle Peter directly charged the elders of the church to pastor (shepherd) and oversee the local congregation. Acts 20:28; 1 Peter 5:1,2

The qualifications of overseers and elders are found in the New Testament in 1 Timothy 3:1-8 and Titus 1:5-9. These qualifications are very significant and are a high calling for all men to pursue. Serving as an elder requires that a man reflect the continual growth of these characteristics in his life, a heart for service and high commitment. No one man has all the gifts and personal ability required to be the perfect elder and shepherd.

First Christian is an independent church under Christ. Guided by a Board of Elders, we determine our own policies and practices in light of biblical expectations. First Christian is an elder-led church, with high trust and confidence given to the professional staff to execute and pursue the daily mission of the church. Along with leading, the elders also serve alongside the staff to encourage and support them in their ministries, to share the burdens of pastoral care, prayer, teaching, leading and serving alongside the church family.

The church also has a legal corporate structure that requires our board to function as a policy-making body and oversee the activities of the church. Elders must be elected and affirmed by ballot of a majority of the church membership in attendance at the annual meeting, held each December, to show our confidence in them to lead First Christian.

God has laid upon the shoulders of these few men important and sometimes difficult responsibilities. The work is important and it requires proven and qualified men to do it in a manner that brings the most glory, growth and stability to the kingdom of God. The men on this elder guide have committed to serve God and this local church family to the best of their ability and for God's glory.

Elders for 2023

Jamey Cline

Member since July 2013

Married to Lisa Cline

Serves on Bible School Teaching Team

Rick Jones

Member since 2003

Married to Kim Jones

Serves on the Life Group Leader Team and Kids Ministry Team

Todd Pettepier

Member since 1986

Married to Deb Pettepier

Serves on the Kids Ministry Team

Larry Royce

Member since April 1985

Married to Donelle Royce

Serves on Kids Ministry Team and Worship Team