Compassion and Prayer

The stories surrounding the war in Ukraine right now are heartbreaking. Thousands of Ukrainian and Russians have been killed in the fighting with no clear solution in sight. Millions of men, women, and children are now refugees in other countries. They have only what they can carry, leaving behind their entire lives behind them

Several of our global missions partners are set up to care for these families in ways that bring hope again. You are able to learn more about these different ministries and learn how to give below.

We have also included a prayer guide for you to include in your regular prayer times to ask God to move through these difficult moments.


TCM has been training leaders in dozens of countries around eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa for many years. They have had thousands of students through their graduate programs, sending incredible leaders to grow the kingdom of God in their own countries.

Because of their connections, they have been able to help organize support in Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Romania Georgia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Latvia, and Austria. They are able to provide immediate care and assistance in finding housing for refugees.

You can learn more about TCM here and give directly to their refugee relief efforts here.

For God's Children International

FGCI has been working in Romania and Moldova, both which border Ukraine, for several decades, caring for orphans, special needs adults, and other groups who are often overlooked by society. They have staff and a strong network that have been able to immediately engage with transporting and caring for refugees that come across the border.

They have been driving hundreds of miles every day, transporting hundreds to other cities and organizations who are able to help assist in any way possible.

You can learn more about FGCI here and give directly to their refugee relief efforts here.

Chris and Aubri Casey

Chris and Aubri Casey have worked in Bosnia and the surrounding countries for over ten years. Chris is currently one of the leaders for One Kingdom, which partners with existing churches and Christian leaders in European countries to use media as a way to connect people to the hope of Jesus. Their teams have seen unprecedented success in difficult areas to grow the church because of their unique ability to find those looking to learn more about faith.

Their most recent campaign in Ukraine this last week resulted in 1.7 million people seeing one of two social media campaigns, 90,000 of them watching the entire videos, 3,160 clicks to private message for prayer and deeper questions, 44,591 link clicks to website that offer faith and refugee resources.

You can learn more about One Kingdom here and give directly to their Ukrainian ministry efforts here.

Prayer Guide

We want to be a faithful in prayer for what God is doing in these moments. We have included prayer requests below. Use these creatively within your prayer time, whether you divide them between several days or pray through each every day.

Set a reminder on your phone that helps you remember to set some time aside. Maybe that is first thing in the morning, maybe before bed. It could be during a break at school or during work. Learn to build in rhythms for praying for God's kingdom to move forward in our world.

Praying for the conflict in Ukraine:

  • Pray for the leaders of both countries: Lord, we want peace. We know this begins with those in power. Will your Spirit please work in their lives and through those around them to bring this war to an immediate end.
  • Pray for the safety of the soldiers and civilians: God, we ask for the safety and protection of everyone involved. We do not wish for bloodshed and violence, but peace. Please limit the tragic loss of life. Hold back the rockets and bullets.
  • Pray for hope to spread: Jesus, we want your kingdom to grow, for your church to advance into the darkest places. We pray that your spirit is active in the military, in the refugee camps, in the bunkers. Let brave and inspired voices share your hope and have people find hope in your name.
  • Pray for the volunteers and organizations helping: God, we pray for sustained physical and emotional energy for those helping. Although they did not experience the violence firsthand, these are devastating circumstances. Disable and remove those who might take advantage of those fleeing the war. May justice and mercy abound.
  • Pray for the refugees: Jesus, you know what it is like to have to leave your country for your own safety. May every man, woman, and child find safety and hope in these next weeks. May they sleep well tonight, find rest for their bodies and their souls. May they have food to eat, clothes to wear, resources to survive. Protect the innocent and may the Ukrainian people not lose hope, but see a future ahead.
  • Pray for our world leaders: Lord, we know this situation is delicate. The politics of our world are a struggle between compassion and power and a single move can cause significant consequences for thousands and thousands of people. Give wisdom, patience, open ears and eyes. Let the the desire for power fade. May the only moves be toward true peace, which only you can help us achieve.
  • Pray for European churches: God, those who follow you in Europe have a difficult road as well. May you prompt their hearts to continue showing compassion over this next season. Do not let them tire of showing love to those who need it, even when frustration and inconvenience grow in their countries. Let us see your Spirit use these moments to awaken your church.