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Leadership Updates

In order to provide up-to-date information regarding leadership decisions throughout 2020, we will post updates to this page.

2021 Budget

Communication Throughout 2020

On Sunday December 6, we conducted the official annual meeting of First Christian to affirm Troy Reynolds as our next lead pastor and to affirm the elders for 2021. 

We are excited to report that Troy and the elders were all affirmed. On Monday, the chairman of elders, Stan Beckner called Troy on behalf of the elders and formally called him as lead pastor of First Christian. Troy accepted the call and will begin as lead pastor on January 18, 2021, with his first Sunday to preach on January 24. 

The process of searching for the next lead pastor has been an amazing journey that has led us to this place. We have seen the impact of your prayers all along the way, and we want you to know that God has been actively answering them through this process.


Here's how you can continue to pray through this transition:

1) Pray for the congregation at Journey Christian Church as Troy shares the news of his call here.

2) Pray for the Reynolds family as they make the transition over the coming months and adjust to a new city and community.

3) Pray for First Christian as we continue to live out the mission of Jesus, bringing his hope to Council Bluffs and our surrounding communities.


We are looking forward to our partnership in ministry together in the coming years and greatly anticipate how God will use Troy’s gifts and experience for the building of His kingdom here. We are grateful that God has shaped and directed this important decision for you and for First Christian, and we give Him the glory for it!

The elders of First Christian,

Terry Bahl, Stan Beckner, Jamey Cline, Rick Jones, Larry Royce, Tom Umphreys, and Mark Welch.

Your prayers through this process have been evident and we have seen God speak clearly to both our search team and our candidates.

Below you can find our previous communication regarding our Lead Pastor search. The elders have presented Troy Reynolds as the official recommendation for First Christian's next Lead Pastor. We're excited for this next season and taking each step toward Troy beginning to lead here in Council Bluffs.

October 11, 2020

August 23, 2020

We want to update you on the lead pastor search. We’ve been praying hard for God to provide a leader whose heartbeat is for those in our city who don’t know Jesus and who deeply loves the church. We’ve been blessed to receive 14 resumes from quality men who love the mission of Jesus. We had a first round of interviews with 6 of them whom we identified as a potential fit, as well as a second round of conversations with two of those men. We’re currently pursuing a third round with one of those men. 

These levels of conversations are critical to help us identify who the right leader is for First Christian. Our team has been praying with you that God would make known the man He has prepared. We’re asking you to continue to pray for wisdom and discernment for our search team in these next few weeks as we continue to explore these relationships. 

August 2, 2020

Our elder team began the search process for our new Lead Pastor at the beginning of May. Since then, we’ve received numerous applications and we’re currently reviewing several of those candidates. Our search team is made up of our elder team along with two church members, Mark Miller and Suzanne Nocita. Our executive pastor, Matt Bortmess, is also assisting the team. 


As we continue to have conversations and review the applications, we’re praying hard through this whole process, and we’d love for you to be praying along with us. We’re asking God to bring someone who has a deep love for God and his kingdom, pursues God through the Bible and prayer, will serve and lead his church, and love our city and those in it who need the hope of Jesus.


We’ll continue to share updates moving forward. We love you and are grateful to be pursuing Jesus’ mission with you.

Proposed Bylaw Amendment

August 23, 2020

We wanted to give an update on the affirmation vote of our amended and restated bylaws. As announced on Sunday morning, August 23, our members who were able to participate in the special meeting on Sunday, August 16, strongly affirmed those bylaws. There were 118 ballots cast and the recommendation received an 87.3% affirmation, and, as of August 16, we began operating under these new bylaws. The elders appreciate your support as we move forward in this next chapter of the life of FCC. 

August 10, 2020

Our elders have proposed amended and restated bylaws for First Christian. In order to best explain what the shifts and changes are to those bylaws, they have provided a brief explanation available below.

A vote on the proposed bylaws will take place at the end of our 10:00 am service this Sunday, August 16. Members over 18 are able to vote. You are not able to vote by proxy. 

August 2, 2020

August 2, 2020

In order to realign our bylaws with current state standards and make needed updates to better reflect the leadership structure of the early church, our elders are proposing some amendments to our current set of bylaws.

If you have questions or would like a copy of the bylaws, email our elders at

Church Leadership Session

On July 18 and 19, we hosted a Church Leadership Session with Dr. Gary Johnson. He walked through how the church was structured in the book of Acts and what we can learn from it today. Our elders also presented needed changes to the bylaws of the church.

You can watch the presentation in its entirety below. If you have questions or would like a copy of the bylaws, email our elders at

Church Leadership Session